How to choose a chant?

In FAQs on November 16, 2008 at 10:33 am
Choosing a chant is a personal issue and is based on the religion, God form you worship and the purpose for chanting. Choose a chant that you are comfortable with and based on the God form you worship. Also it is very important to know and understand the meaning of the selected chant, if it is other than God’s name. In some religions, special chants are given to the initiate by the Guru and you can type those chants too.
If you are after a specific goal like career success, removing obstacles, etc then you have to choose that particular chant. We are soon updating the website with a huge list of chants each with specific purpose. And for such chants there is also a prescribed number of times you must type the chant each day.
As a beginner, if you are aiming at typing the chant more than 1000 times, it is better to choose a chant that is quite short in its lenght.

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