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Devoted Pig doing rounds at Balaji Temple

In hinduism, Reports on December 16, 2008 at 6:16 am
Devoted Pig doing rounds at Balaji Temple.

Devoted Pig doing rounds at Balaji Temple.

Ever seen a devotee doing rounds (pradakshina, parikrama) in a temple continuously for 8 hours? If that is a wonder then this will blow your mind off. Because the devotee who did rounds in the temple non-stop from morning 7 till 6 in the evening was not a human but a pig! Surprised?

This incident happened on Sunday in the sleepy village of Siddhantham in the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, India. Early in the morning a pig was seen trying to gain entry into the local Balaji temple and was shooed away by the people around. But the undettered pig made entry into the temple unobserved and began to do rounds (parikrama, pradakshina) around the ‘dhwaja stamba’. The villagers were surprised and tickled. They decided to stay and watch how long the pig would continue its eccentricity. But the pig had no intention of leaving. Minutes stretched to hours and the indefatigable pig was still doing rounds. What began as a simple funny event in the morning ended up as a wonder of wonders when the pig was still seen doing rounds at 6 in the evening. After 6 the pig stopped and went away. The surprised villagers talked about the incident for a while and left.

What came next astounded the whole village. Early next morning on Monday the pig came back. This time, instead of going directly to the temple, it first went to the Godavari river nearby and took a bath! Then the wet pig went into the temple and resumed its rounds in the temple. The media was notified and soon the temple was filled with visitors and the press. The undeterred pig went about its rounds until around afternoon it collapsed out of fatigue. The concerned villagers rushed forward and nursed the pig. A few minutes later the pig regained its energy and began its rounds once more. But it collapsed once more and a doctor was called. The doctor diagnosed the pig to be suffering with Encephelomeningitis – an inflammation in the brain and meninges. He pronounced the pig would die in two days.

The village is now in shock and wonder. Some even considered if the pig was the Varaha avatar of Lord Vishnu but the media rejected the proposal. The devotees and the temple management are currently taking care of the fallen pig. The villagers are right now praying at the temple for the recovery of the pig.