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Thanksgiving Day and its significance

In christian on November 22, 2008 at 7:18 am

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in every November in the United States. This year it falls on 27 November. Its usually a end of harvest season and in US it is an American Federal holiday. It originated as a religious community tradition where the community offers thanks to God for its material and spiritual possession. Of late it has become a day for national celebration, festivities and general gaiety. The period between Thanksgiving and New Year is now called the holiday season.

American Thanksgiving’s origins can be traced to as early as the 1565 when on September 8 when about 600 spanish settlers landed on what is today St. Augustine, Florida and held a communal Thanksgiving for their safe journey. Today it is considered the first Thanksgiving of US. Next notable Thanksgiving days were on December 4, 1619 at the Virginia Colony and the Thanksgiving of the Pilgrims of Plymouth in 1621. The 1777 Thanksgiving after the Battle of Saratoga is another important date in the history of American Thanksgiving. On October 3, 1789, George Washington made Thanksgiving a national day.

Most important part of the Thanksgiving is the family meal in every home. The whole family gathers at the meal and start with the saying of grace. The meal usually consists of roasted turkey, pumkin pie, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet corn, etc.

There are also communal feeding of the poor and most foods are collected by various organizations from every home several days before the Thanksgiving. For this reason the food primarily consists of canned food. Though Thanksgiving is not really associated with the religious past of Christianity, it is the only non-holy day that sees mass gatherings of Christians at various Catholic churches.

Thanksgiving is also a time for shopping and public parades in the US. Seasonal shopping season usually begins on friday next to Thanksgiving and is usually called the Black Friday. But due to commercialized consumerism there have been protests across US since several years and some communities observe Black Friday as the Buy Nothing Day.

Various national parades take place during that day and here is a short list of American Thanksgivin Parades:

  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, New York
  • McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade, Chicago, Illinois
  • 6abc IKEA Thanksgiving Day Parade, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Parade, Plymouth, Massachusetts
  • H-E-B Holiday Parade, Houston, Texas
  • Ameren St. Louis Thanksgiving Parade, St. Louis, Missouri
  • America’s Thanksgiving Parade, Detroit, Michigan
  • UBS Parade Spectacular, Stamford, Connecticut
  • Celebrate the Season Parade, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Thanksgiving Grace is the best prayer to type or mentally chant for the Thanksgiving.

Here’s the Prayer:

Thanksgiving Day Grace

Thank thee, Lord
For all my many blessings,
thank thee, Lord.
I have bread,
thank thee, Lord.
for room and board.
thank thee, Lord.
for friends and family.
God takes such good care of me.

You can add this prayer to your chant page from our ‘Select Available Chants‘ and by typing ‘Thanksgiving’, ‘grace’, ‘Christ’, ‘Jesus’, or ‘gratitude’ into the search box.

You can type the prayer or you can mentally repeat it in your mind. However you choose to do it, it is very important you mean each and every word of the prayer and mean it in your heart.

Start now! You can start your own thanksgiving right now!