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Is there a prescribed time to type chants?

In FAQs on November 16, 2008 at 10:37 am
You can type chants anytime you want. 9Dozen’s very purpose is to provide the means for its members to type their chants anytime and anywhere. Some prefer to do it early in the morning, some prefer to type before going to bed at night. There are people who do it twice or thrice a day. But your religion may prescribe a certain time for a particular chant.

It is beneficial to stick to a particular time daily to type the chants or prayers. It is also beneficial if you type the chant everyday just before you begin your work, study or other important tasks. In such cases, choose a chant that is either your God’s name or chants of peace.

How many times should I type a chant?

In FAQs on November 16, 2008 at 10:34 am
This depends on factors like your religion, time available, your personal interest and devotion. Some chants are supposed to be written or typed a prescribed number of times, like 108 times, while some chants can be repeated any number of times.

As a beginner, choose a smaller figure so you can get comfortable with typing. Perhaps a target of 108 can be a good starting goal. You can later increment the number for the same chant if you prefer. Daily targets are good to test your schedule and dedication levels.

Try to type a minimum of twenty times per sitting. And you can have any number of sittings per day depending on your personal goals, daily schedule and your motivation.

How to choose a chant?

In FAQs on November 16, 2008 at 10:33 am
Choosing a chant is a personal issue and is based on the religion, God form you worship and the purpose for chanting. Choose a chant that you are comfortable with and based on the God form you worship. Also it is very important to know and understand the meaning of the selected chant, if it is other than God’s name. In some religions, special chants are given to the initiate by the Guru and you can type those chants too.
If you are after a specific goal like career success, removing obstacles, etc then you have to choose that particular chant. We are soon updating the website with a huge list of chants each with specific purpose. And for such chants there is also a prescribed number of times you must type the chant each day.
As a beginner, if you are aiming at typing the chant more than 1000 times, it is better to choose a chant that is quite short in its lenght.

What is the ‘Chants’ feature?

In FAQs on November 16, 2008 at 10:28 am

Chants feature allows you to type your favorite chants, mantras, God’s names and other short hymns a set number of times. This feature is exclusively for the religious and the spiritually inclined. Chants are typed for various reasons – devotion, seeking protection, begging for forgiveness, getting rid of obstacles, success in your endeavours, seeking spiritual help, for peace, for sound character development, etc. You can type your chants 108 times, 1000 times or even a million times without ever losing count.

What’s 9Dozen?

In FAQs on November 16, 2008 at 9:56 am

9Dozen.com is a unique web portal that provides its users a platform for self improvement and spiritual empowerment through faith and mind power.
9Dozen.com has two major areas of focus – Chants and Autosuggestion. Chants are for the religious and the spiritually inclined. Autosuggestion is for all those who wish for self improvement.

Type chants and mantras using the Chants feature and achieve career success, spiritual growth, remove obstacles, overcome frustration, find peace of mind, attain good place in society, improve concentration and memory, become confident and strong!

Give yourself positive affirmations using Autosuggestion feature and improve your quality of life, gain concentration and memory, improve performance in career, education and sports, improve your communication skills, increase creativity, remove sexual and other fears, get motivated and transform your entire personality!