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How many times should I type one affirmation?

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Repetition strenghtens your belief. Try to type a minimum of twenty times per sitting. It is better if you can have two or more sittings per day initially and have a sitting before you go to sleep. Meanwhile start observing changes in you, they are indicators of success and a little success will help strengthen your new belief enormously.

If you feel there is very little change even after repeated typing, reframe the sentence. Or better, start over from the beginning and define your goals again. See where you could have made a mistake. Always use positive statements and words you are comfortable with.

Note: For issues like phobias, susbstance abuse, manic depression, excessive overweight, anorexia, etc. see ‘Problems that can be solved using Autosuggestion‘.

How to frame affirmations?

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Keep your statements simple and straightforward.
I am relaxed and calm throughout my office hours.
I am very relaxed at any point of the day and remain calm during my office hours in spite of the hectic schedule and heavy workload.

Use words that you understand and are comfortable with.

Always keep your affirmations positive. If you want to get rid of an unwanted personality trait in you, write down the opposite state of mind you must achieve in order to replace the unwanted one.

I love life and enjoy living every moment of it.
I am less depressed about living.

Affirmations are new beliefs of the mind. So frame them as such. Sentences expressing desires are bad autosuggesions.

I am focussed and determined. I complete every project I take up. (establishes a new belief)

I want to be more focussed and I should not lose interest in projects halfway through.

Affirmations must describe what you want to achieve. And they should state it as if you have already achieved what you wanted.

I have a powerful memory. (describes you after you achieved your goal.)
My memory is improving.

Avoid using the word ‘not’ in any affirmation.

I have a great physical stamina. I am in excellent health
I am not physically weak.

Limit affirmations to a sentence or two.

You can remove punctuation marks if you feel they are difficult to type and are hampering you. Similarly you can type the entire sentence in lower case or upper case.

How to be successful in autosuggestion?

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Follow the below steps to better achieve your goals:

Step 1: Write your goal
What is your goal? What you want to achieve with the help of autosuggestions. Write it down. Remember, you should write down what positive state you want to be in, instead of what problem you want to get rid of.

Eg: If you want to be less short-tempered, your goal is to be a calm, peaceful and understanding person.

Step 2: Imagine success
Imagine or Visualize a scene where you have achieved your goal and you are using your new strenghts effectively.

Eg: Imagine yourself as being understanding and calm in a situation where you would usually lose your temper. Imagine your family admiring your patience and understanding.

Step 3: Write autosuggestions
Simply convert the positive goal you have already written into your autosuggestion. For more about sentence structure of autosuggestion see ‘How to frame an autosuggestion sentence?’.

Step 4: Read autosuggestions
Read your autosuggestions to silently in your mind and try to grasp the full meaning of the sentences you have written.

Step 5: Start typing
Begin typing. Type with deliberate slowness. It is important to contemplate on the meaning of the sentence you are typing. You must do this for the first twenty one times you type the sentence. Later, you can let your mind wander away while your typing.

Step 6: Just read through your typed text
After you finish typing your autosuggestion for the day, just gaze through your entire typed text calmly for a few seconds. Then hit the close chant suggestion to exit out of the page.

Step 6: Repeat consistently
Type a minimum of twenty times per sitting. It is very important to give your eyes and body rest whenever they feel tired. Try to keep each sitting less than ten minutes. Maintain healthy sitting posture while typing.

Repeat the same autosuggestion every day or twice a day. Repetition is one very important key to success. There may be many previous negative suggestions and beliefs in your mind; repetition of positive autosuggestions will alter your belief system effectively.

How does autosuggestion work?

In FAQs on November 16, 2008 at 11:01 am

Autosuggestion is a powerful technique to directly plant suggestions and beliefs into the subconscious mind.

Human mind has three major divisions within it – the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the critical factor.

The conscious mind controls our voluntary actions and our conscious thoughts. Whereas the subconscious is a very powerful part of the mind that has the power to alter our entire personality. It also controls the involuntary actions of the body and our memory. The critical factor, a part of the conscious mind, acts as a filter between the conscious mind and subconscious mind. It filters every information a person receives through the five senses and decides which information is useful and which it should reject. The subconscious mind has no such discrimination, it simply accepts as true all the information it receives through the critical factor.

So by bypassing the critical factor, one can effectively alter the inner belief system and improve one’s personality. Autosuggestion is one of the most effective methods to accomplish this.

Writing and typing are two methods that are capable of taking thoughts directly into the subconscious mind. While most written or typed information does pass through the critical factor, when a same sentence is repeated over and over, the conscious mind slowly loses its focus and begins to stray away. And that causes the critical factor of the cosncious to stop filtering information. Thus by typing positive autosuggestions repeatedly, the information goes directly into the subconscious mind and starts altering your belief system.

What are affirmations?

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Affirmations are carefully framed positive sentences that you either repeat orally or write down until your subconscious mind comes to believe that statement. By believing a statement to be true, the subconscious actually makes the statement true.

Affirmations are used to develop positive mindset, alter behavior patterns, belief systems, thought patterns, boost positive self-image, confidence, manage fears and for many other beneficial purpose.

What is the Autosuggestion feature?

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Autosuggestion feature allows you to improve your personal skills and remove defects in personality by typing positive affirmations repeatedly. Autosuggestion is for anyone who wishes for self improvement.

Autosuggestion is a very powerful technique and has a wide variety of applications. It can be used to alter behavior patterns, belief systems, thought patterns, boost positive self-image, confidence, manage fears and for many other beneficial purposes.